当她的iPhone在7点响起.m. 2020年3月11日, 莎拉·威尔士 最后一次按下“小睡”键. “现在没必要起床了,”她想. 她周三上午的课程在前一天被取消. Mike DeWine asked all Ohio colleges and universities to shift to remote learning.

MG游戏大厅校长 Gary L. 米勒 responded by cancelling all classes until March 30, when Spring Break would conclude. He wanted to give faculty and staff time to prepare and make sure students would be able to access 在线 offerings.

冠状病毒. 流感大流行. 检疫.


在线学习的概念? “外国的,只是有点可怕,”威尔士回忆说. She wasn’t sure if she had the self-discipline or patience to sit in front of a computer—alone—instead of interacting with her favorite professors and fellow students.

Across campus—and the nation—countless students wondered the same thing: “Is this the end of my college experience?“我能毕业吗??”

管理员不知道covid - 19会如何影响可预见的未来.

但在2月一个寒冷的早晨,校园关闭仅仅两年后, President 米勒 stood in front of The Akron Press Club and stated he was “proud to say, 毫无保留, that MG游戏大厅 is strong and very well-positioned for the future.”

Leading a university through the twisted landscape wrought by a global pandemic is no easy task, 但米勒直面挑战.

“伟大的大学不会只在困难时期坚持下去,”他反思道. “他们在自己的使命中找到力量,并创造前进的方式. I could not be prouder to have served this university during this challenging time.”

There’s no doubt MG游戏大厅 not only survived one of the most bewildering periods in recent history, 但现在它正在蓬勃发展. From new student services and HR policies to unique enrollment pathways and 一切 in between, 2022年的MG游戏大厅是不同的,而且更好.

We asked a few members of the campus community who witnessed firsthand the ripple effects to share their stories—and their hopes for the coming days.


温迪Lampner主任 在线、继续和专业教育他还清楚地记得2020年3月10日的那个早晨. “We were already planning to launch 11 new 在线 undergraduate degree programs in the fall of 2020, so on March 10—the day they announced the University was going to go completely 在线 – we already had a meeting scheduled.

多么讽刺啊?兰普纳笑着说. “会议是在一个周二的早上,有人站起来说, “好吧, 我想现在MG游戏大厅得谈谈搬家的事了 一切 在线!’”

She credits MG游戏大厅 faculty for facilitating the process: “I have an amazing story to tell! MG游戏大厅知道如何进行在线教学的教师们进步很大. 它让我大吃一惊.”

The first day her team offered sessions on remote teaching, hundreds arrived. Lampner was pleasantly surprised to see “super advanced faculty who had been to every workshop I had ever had” show up.

兰普纳看着他们说:“你知道怎么做. 你已经在网上教学很多年了.“但他们不是来学习的. 他们只是想帮忙. “That’s how we were able to put thousands of courses 在线 in three weeks,” she added.



Two years later, many of the innovations are still positively impacting education, says Lampner. “MG游戏大厅有数百名教员学习如何使用Brightspace和Teams, 以及如何录制他们的讲座. 学生喜欢这个! 如果MG游戏大厅的运动员在比赛的路上,他们不必错过课程.”

Lampner believes changes forced by the pandemic have permanently improved the student educational experience, 即使现在他们回到面对面的课堂, because groups like Undergraduate Student Government and other campus organizations can host meetings in Teams

或许最重要的是, learning how to use virtual tools will help students when they interview with companies who prefer to hire for remote or hybrid positions. “Almost every employee that I know has a few virtual meetings every week,” Lampner said. “这是今天工作的现实,MG游戏大厅的学生将做好准备.”

兰普纳说,2022年的MG游戏大厅会更好. “We have dozens of students who are passionately talking about how happy they are that they’ve experienced 在线 learning and, 在某些情况下, 他们对这次经历有多惊讶.”


莎拉·凯利,副总裁 人力资源 他还记得2020年3月的情景——带着一丝寒意. “MG游戏大厅都在家,工作很长时间. We realized quickly the pandemic would have a severe impact on the institution,” Kelly recalled. “我早上从床上滚了起来, 坐在我的电脑前, 直到午夜才移动.”

情况很复杂,因为, 大流行之前, MG游戏大厅的员工不在家工作:“你来学校. 时期,”凯利说. “As an institution, we didn’t know how to keep our staff updated or how to boost morale remotely.”

团队是全新的, 导致学习曲线, plus some employees did not even have home internet—or they had PCs instead of laptops. “There are a lot of things to work through when you change your mode of work over night,” said Kelly. “但是事情平息下来了. MG游戏大厅进入了最佳状态,MG游戏大厅学会了如何在一个不同的世界工作.”  

The acceptance of remote work has been a huge change in the MG游戏大厅 culture, 凯利指出. “这是一个双赢的局面,因为MG游戏大厅的员工休假的时间减少了, 作为一个雇主, MG游戏大厅的生产力正在提高.”

As for the other aspect of HR—hiring—Kelly says there wasn’t a total freeze on hiring during the pandemic: “It was more of a frost. Some critical positions needed to be filled and we did hire some people virtually.”

The federal government helped by putting out guidelines that allowed HR to complete I-9s remotely. 该部门将申请转移到网上,并通过Teams进行面试.



回顾过去的两年, Kelly credits a number of key people who did tremendous work: “We are a closer community because of what we experienced together.”

因为大流行, MG游戏大厅 created a flex-arrangement policy that continues to allow for remote work and flexible schedules. Each department can determine what works best for them and their employees.

凯利说,这些变化得到了“非常好的反响”. “MG游戏大厅收到了很多关于MG游戏大厅如何积极主动的积极反馈. 现在是2022年的春天, we are still getting constructive feedback that allows us to continue improving our policies.”

最后, 凯利指出, she is happy her team was able to interact with employees they don’t usually encounter during their day-to-day operations: “We’ve been able to develop relationships with other folks on campus and make connections so we can collaborate better. 我为未来所带来的一切感到兴奋.”

说到未来: 萨拉,MG游戏大厅的学生,她在2020年感到害怕和不确定? 她现在正准备毕业. She feels better equipped to enter a virtual workforce and has learned she can push herself to succeed in the toughest of times.

“Many students, including myself, have overcome huge obstacles in the last two years,” said Wales. “我有朋友生病了, 父母失业的朋友, 还有那些为了逃避痛苦而一头扎进上瘾的朋友.”

但是联合大学社区是威尔士发展的动力. “The community mindset—students and faculty and counselors—helped me despite 一切 the world has thrown at me. I am better for being at MG游戏大厅 during the pandemic and coming out the other side.”